Technology makes perfect

Grand Activation Ltd., is located in Bristol, southwest of England.

The power supply is the life essence of a sound system. Without a pure and powerful power supply, even the most performant audio system loses its desired effect. This is precisely Grand Activation Ltd.’s aim, we provide power supply products to match the quality of your equipments.

Our electronics engineers possess not only the adequate professional knowledge but are also passionate in audio and visual applications. Such as fuses, every single fuse (as in Innovation, Hyper or Master series) is manually welded and polished. We strived for perfection at every single step in order to provide our users with the most curated selection of products.

Japanese audio accessories are exquisite in workmanship and high cost-efficiency has always been greatly appreciated by audiophiles. One of our engineers, having had life experience in Japan, added Japanese elements in power cables and wall sockets. Progress truly has no borders.

We firmly believe in the ceaseless improvement of technology to bring out the best sounds and emotions in music. In 2021, we introduced Metal Molecular Activation Technology. Its principle is to increase the number of electrons flow per second per conductor, improving dynamic range and reducing background noise, all of products have been processed with this technology, effectively carrying out the best performance in audio and visual applications.

We will keep investing in technology.

Just like our motto states: Technology makes perfect.

NOTICE: Due to the addition of new shareholders, the original PD Audio brand has been renamed as PD Acoustic, with identical raw materials and production processes. Thank you for your support.

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